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Toledo, Ohio
Toledo, España

Located about forty five miles southwest of
Madrid, Toledo is a Medieval city of great
historic importance. In 193 BC the Romans,
who called it Toletum, captured the city. In 712
the Moors arrived. The period that followed
was one of great prosperity and harmony for
the citizens, which included Muslims, Jews, and
Christians. Today you can still visit two of the
ancient Jewish synagogues, La Sinagoga de
Santa Maria and La Sinagoga El Transito.
La Sinagoga El Transito is home to the
Museo Sefardi, the Sephardic museum, housing many artifacts of
Spain's Jewish past. The city is also home to many great cathedrals
and churches. The best example is La Catedral de Toledo. The Moorish
influence can be seen throughout the city, from its winding roads to
the arabesque arches seen on many buildings. The best example is
La Mezquita del Cristo de la Luz, an ancient mosque dating back to
999 built by the architect Musa Ibn Ali.

While visiting Toledo be sure to take a trip to the
El Greco Museum. The museum has many of his
great works on display. Toledo is home to many
artists and artisans. You can see their work
nearly everywhere you turn. World renowned
for sword making and knives, Toledo continues
to be a major producer of blades. Toledo is also
known for its wonderful Talavera ceramics.
Don't miss the opportunity to get some great
works of art while you are there.

Toledo is also a city well known for its spanish
cuisine. Some of the most popular Manchegan
dishes are perdiz roja estofada (stewed
red-legged partridge), carcamusa (meat stew
in a spicy tomato sauce), and the gazpacho of
La Mancha (a very rich winter stew). Enjoy a
nice bottle of wine with lunch or dinner. Look
for a regional denomination like La Mancha or
Valdepenas. To satisfy your sweet tooth be sure to try the famous
Toledo Marzipan, made of crushed almonds and sugar. For more
information about restaurants and cafes in Toledo visit the Appetite

If you are interested in Jazz there are a couple of alternative venues
you may want to visit. The first is called the Broadway Jazz Club.
You'll find it at Plaza Marron near the Taller del Moro. A similar type
of club nearby at the corner of Calle Alfonso XII and Calle Rojas is La
Boite de Garcilaso. Both clubs have occasional live jazz.

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