Socio de Emisión
Toledo, Ohio
Toledo, España

La Asociacion para las Relaciones Interciudades "Alfonso X El Sabio"
de Toledo ("Alfonso X El Sabio" The Association for Intercity Relations
of Toledo, Spain) is the Spanish organization that took part in the
first sister cities exchange in 1931. "La Asociacion" hosts dignitaries,
students, and artists from Toledo, Ohio.


Maria del S. Díaz Verdúguez
President Asociación Interciudades Alfonso X el Sabio
Plaza del Consistorio, n. 1
Apartado 585 - 45080

The Association of Two Toledos is the culmination of the efforts of
the first delegates to Toledo, Spain in 1931. This organization is the
American counterpart to "La Asociacion" hosting dignitaries, students,
and artists from Toledo, Spain.


Lee Murray, President
3814 Driftwood Road
Toledo, OH 43614

Toledo Sister Cities International is the local branch of the national
Sister Cities organization. The mission of Sister Cities International
is to strengthen partnerships between U.S. and international
communities in an effort to increase global cooperation at the
municipal level, to promote cultural understanding, and to stimulate
economic development. Toledo Sister Cities International has formed
and administers relationships with eight cities worldwide.


Jesse Torrence, Executive Director
Toledo Sister Cities International
One Government Center, Suite 2100
Toledo, OH 43604
Telephone: (419) 245-3334