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Joel Washing, Producer
402 Broadway
Toledo, Ohio 43602
Phone: 419-297-3822

Two Toledos, local documentary tells the story of a sister city relationship

Toledo, Ohio -- 12/23/04 -- Toledo is best known as the glass capital
and birthplace of Jamie Farr.  Toledo is also known as one of two
cities that were the first in the world to form a sister city relationship.
In 1931 Toledo, Ohio and Toledo, Spain were the first to officially
recognize each other as sister cities.  In 2006 these two great cities
will celebrate their 75th anniversary.  That’s where filmmakers Jacob
David and Joel Washing enter the scene.  Beginning in early 2005,
these two filmmakers will begin to craft a documentary about the
sister city relationship and the artists who make cultural exchanges

The film is titled Two Toledos.  The filmmakers will be filming artists
on location in both Toledos.  These two cities have an abundance of
talented artists that work in the interesting fields of painting,
photography, sword making, ceramics, glass blowing, sculpture, and
music.  Stories about the lives and work of contemporary artists will
weave the fabric of the narrative.

The documentary is the first to tell the story of this sister cities
relationship.  Over the years both Toledos have hosted a considerable
number of cultural exchanges.  Through these exchanges many
dignitaries, students, and artists have been able to learn about and
share the culture of each city.  The filmmakers have chosen to film
artists, as they are an often under-represented yet vitally important
component of any city’s culture.

The filmmakers have teamed up with broadcast partner WGTE TV-30
to air the documentary in 2006 coinciding with the 75th anniversary
of the sister cities.

Jacob David and Joel Washing are products of the University of
Toledo’s Film and Video Program.  They currently own and operate
Above the Shop Studios, a local video production company.  In 2001,
the filmmakers spent five months studying and traveling in Spain.

Two Toledos offers audiences a glimpse into the artistic and cultural
activities of Toledo, Ohio and Toledo, Spain.  In making this film, the
filmmakers wish to create a stronger cultural bridge that will bring
the people of both communities closer together and to foster future
artist exchanges.

For additional information, Contact:
Joel Washing, Producer
402 Broadway
Toledo, Ohio 43602
Phone: 419-297-3822

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Treatment (PDF)
This PDF file contains a treatment that gives a synopsis of the story
and the filmmakers' production approach.

Production Schedule (PDF)
This file contains the schedule for all phases of the production. - Local Flavor April 2006
Business Advantage November 2006


January 17, 2007

Jacob David, Producer
402 Broadway
Toledo, Ohio 43604

Phone: 419-754-0305

Above the Shop Studios releases DVD of Two Toledos

Above the Shop Studios today announces the DVD release of the film
Two Toledos.  On sale now through the website and at
select stores including The Original Sub Shop & Deli at 402 Broadway.

In an exploration of cultural exchange through art, documentary
filmmakers Jacob David and Joel Washing focus on two distinctly
different cities with the same name.

Visually rich cinematography of the Toledo, Ohio skyline and the
ancient architecture of Toledo, Spain illuminate the physical differences
of the cities, while in-depth interviews with artists show the deep
similarities between the cultures through the universal human need to

Two Toledos, the debut film of documentary filmmakers Jacob David
and Joel Washing, grew out of a visit to the Iberian Peninsula in 2001,
where they studied the Spanish language.  David and Washing are co-
owners of Above the Shop Studios, in Toledo, Ohio.  They have made
films together since the mid 1990’s.

The DVD features the full documentary as seen on PBS WGTE TV30,
the trailer, and a large slideshow of photos from the production in
Toledo, Spain and Toledo, Ohio.

For additional information, Contact:

Jacob David, Producer
402 Broadway
Toledo, Ohio 43604
Phone: 419-754-0305

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Press Release Two Toledos DVD - January 17, 2007 (PDF)